Air Power

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We love Klutz books - they're a book and a craft toy all in one!

This fantastic set enables you to make some awesome balloon powered vehicles.

With all the pieces you need in the pack, including detailed step by step instructions that you can follow along from the book, it's a fantastic and multi dimensional gift that's sure to have your child excited and engaged.

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Why we love it!

It comes with a book of clear instructions, so it's all a breeze to make.

With mouthpieces, a thrust vent, a blast cap, straws, wheels, axles, a hot-rod, a hovercraft, rocket fins, a tube, a helicopter blade, balloons, stickers and a 48 page instructional book, it's a great way to learn some science while having fun at the same time!

The vehicles are really durable, so you get a super cool toy at the end of the creative process.

Boring Stuff

Recommended for children ages 8+

4 easy to assemble vehicles

‎20.32 x 2.7 x 22.86 cm; 399.

Weight 16 Grams