Janod's extra large height adjustable Easel is the best on the market, in our experience.

Beautifully made by a company world renowned for their stylish design focus, the easel has a white board on one side and a black board on the other.

The dry erase side is magnetic and comes with a dry erase pen and an eraser, while at the bottom there is a tray that extends across the bottom so it can be accessed from either side, with coloured paint pots and a chalk and eraser tray.

The blackboard side is easy clean, and comes with a box of chalk and an eraser.

Across the top is a roll of paper, which can be pulled down any time you want to paint or draw something new.

With an extra large design face to increase the play options and make sure there's lots of room for artistic expression, and adjustable legs to allow the board to be customised to your child's height, a masterpiece is just a little inspiration away!

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Why we love it!

This is an easel that has everything - lots of space for creativity, the capacity to move the legs up and down to fit most children and superb design and quality of construction.

One of the reasons we choose to stock this easel is that, unlike most on the market today, the white board is magnetic, which allows children additional play options using magnetic letters, numbers and figures.

Brightly coloured in vivid tones and very easy to store flat, it's a product that will make any bedroom or playroom a fantastic and exciting experience for children of all ages.

Boring Stuff

Recommended Ages: 2 years and over

Height adjusts from 36in. to 49in

Includes: adjustable easel, 2 covered plastic cups, roll of paper, dry-erase pen, 10 pieces of chalk, 6 magnetic dots, magnetic ruler and eraser


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