Friendimal Ride On - Moby (Blue)

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Meet Boto, the blue Friendimal Whale.

It is probably the most original ride-on toy we've seen in a long time - it's won multiple awards for its unique whale shaped design.

High-performance and shock-proof silent rubber wheels make riding the toy so smooth and easy that even young children can effortlessly push and steer the toy - and like a suitcase or shopping trolley, the wheels are multi directional, to create the smoothest of rides!

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Why we love it!

When we saw this at a trade show we knew we had to bring it over - it's superbly designed. There's even a useful handle at the back to make it easy to pick up.

The two height levels can extend the use of The Friendimal from 18 months to around 5 years, so it's a ride on that's built to last.

The great thing about this one is the multi-directional wheel system - it's not about back and forward, your little one can very safely steer the whale any way they want, with minimal effort.

Boring Stuff

Recommended Age: 15 months - 8 years

High quality, silent rubber wheels.

Height adjustment function for longer use.

Back Handle for easy carrying.
Product Dimensions: W24cm X L64cm X H34-38cm

Can carry up to 100kg.