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Gnomes at Night

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The trouble with games is that someone has to lose, but with Peaceable Kingdom's brilliant co-operative games, everyone is a winner, because you all play as a team!

By playing as a group against a common obstacle rather than against eachother, cooperative games emphasize play, not competition.

In Gnomes at Night Queen Benevolence is hosting a celebration to honor her loyal subjects.

To thank them, she will give away 12 extraordinary items from her treasure box that she keeps hidden away in a secret chamber in the castle.

But when the Queen goes to choose the items that she wants to bestow, she discovers the box is empty!

A thief has stolen her treasures and is running away with them!

The celebration cannot happen without the treasures and there is not much time before daybreak and the start of the party. The treasures must be found!

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Why we love it!

The game structure encourages teamwork and shared decision-making - the tension builds as you all work together to find the treasures.

Co-operative games are brilliant for creating social interaction - it's great when the common objective is achieved by everyone, and no one feels left out or left behind.

Gnomes at Night is an excellent way to improve simple strategy, direction following, social development and cooperation skills.

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Manufacturer recommended age 6 years and up

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