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Hoppin To The Show

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The trouble with games is that someone has to lose, but with Peaceable Kingdom's brilliant co-operative games, everyone is a winner, because you all play as a team!

By playing as a group against a common obstacle rather than against each other, cooperative games emphasize play, not competition.

In this brilliant game, Al Kazaam, the Magician, is busy setting up the stage for his magnificent magic show.

But, oh no, the bunnies have lost their tickets!

Work together and help the bunnies gather their tickets and hop to their seats before the props are set up and the show begins.

Strategize with the other players to decide how you’ll work together to find the bunnies’ lost tickets before Al Kazaam finishes setting up the magic show.

Wave your (included) magic wand and even perform a magic trick of your own along the way!

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Why we love it!

The game structure encourages teamwork and shared decision-making - the tension builds as you all work together to help the bunnies. .

Co-operative games are brilliant for creating social interaction - it's great when the common objective is achieved by everyone, and no one feels left out or left behind.

Hoppin to the Show is an excellent way to improve simple strategy, direction following, social development and cooperation skills.

Boring Stuff

Age Range: 4 +

Box Dimensions: 12.5 x 9 x 1.5"

Includes 1 game board, 13 assistant cards, 1 spinner, 9 magic prop tokens, 4 bunnies with stands, 4 tickets, 1 magic wand, 3 magic hats and instructions

Designed in the USA