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Its Alive! Slime Lab

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We've yet to find a little mischief maker who doesn't love a bit of slime - the beauty of this set is it turns it into a fun and exciting scientific exploration!

Concoct your goo from basic household items and apply simple scientific principles to see your creations come alive.

Then make your slimy concoctions appear to dance, move, wave, wiggle, grow, and mutate through the included motorised Slime-O-Nator!

We'd buy it just for that part!

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Why we love it!

It's a really cool set with loads of quirky touches - we love the 'slime poker'

There's an illustrated, sixteen page activity book that provides twenty slippery activities to do and introduces children to the basic scientific concepts applied in the experiments.

It's slime and learning - they've been apart for too long!

Boring Stuff

Suitable for children ages 8-12 years old

10.16 x 30.48 x 40.64 cm;

521.63 Grams