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My Mummys Bag - Mini Edition

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The totally brilliant My Mummy's bag is a book (or a bag!) that's one of those special products every child just adores.

Shaped just like Mummy's handbag, My Mummy's Bag takes children on an interactive journey through their Mum's busy life, and the things she keeps in her handbag.

There are lots of quirky and charming surprises on every page, including a wallet with its own credit card, a removable laptop, a ring key fob with keys and a blue cloth handkerchief.

With lots of pull flaps, secret compartments, turn wheels and loads more, this charming, sweet and sometimes quite touching book is the perfect way for Mummy and her little one to spend an enchanting afternoon together.

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Why we love it!

This is a wonderful, beautifully made, brilliantly conceived interactive toy that will absolutely delight anyone lucky enough to receive it.

With more than seventy quirky, often hilarious interactive treasures to find in Mummy's Bag, it's a toy that will continue to captivate little hands, over and over again.

My Mummy's bag can also be a great travelling toy - it's perfect for keeping children's hands (and minds) occupied in restaurants, planes or long car rides.

Boring Stuff

Recommended ages: 4 years and over

Publisher: Workman Publishing

Pages: 16

Product dimensions 197 x 200 x 102mm