Nursing Nana Dog

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Nursing Nana is a fantastic new cuddly dog with three puppies that is sure to be a hit with any dog lover.

Soft and beautifully made with lots of quirky touches and real attention to detail, Nana is one of our most popular animal toys.

The three puppies cuddle up to their mum and attach to her using magnets but you can also play with them on their own.

Why we love it!

This is a really well designed toy - it's easy for even the littlest hands to engage.

Nana has been designed to the highest standards of safety by one of America's leading toy manufacturers, so she's ready to be cared for by the youngest of Owners.

Cute, cuddly and brightly coloured, Nana is a dog that never fails to delight anyone that receives her and her puppies.

Boring Stuff

Recommended Age - 3+

Product Length - 25.4 cm

Surface wash only.