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Insey Winsey Spider

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The wonderful collection of products created by our friends at Orchard Toys have now become a benchmark in British made children's board games.

Bright, colourful and beautifully produced, they're full of play value, but they're also devised with educational development in mind.

Learn about counting and shapes with this best-selling game based on the popular nursery rhyme. Be the first to move your spider up the drainpipe - but beware, the weather might change and wash you back down to the start!

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Why we love it!

This is a brilliant game for little ones who love the song of Insey Winsey Spider - the game is virtually exactly the same as what happens in the song, so you can all have a sing when the rain comes down and washes Insey back down to the start!

Insey Winsey Spider is two games in one - just flip over the board to play and learn by shapes rather than numbers.

This classic Orchard Toys game is fantastic for developing counting, matching and observational skills.

Boring Stuff

Recommended Ages: 3 - 6

Players 2 - 4

Produced with 100% recycled materials, and made in Britain