Our Stores

Unlike many websites, when you buy something from Piccola you’re not buying from an office or a warehouse (or worse still, someone’s front room). We’re not etailers, an e-toy shop or anything like that – this website is the most cyber thing about us!

When you buy from Piccola you’re buying from a living, breathing children’s shop, with real toys and clothes that are being experienced by our customers every week of the year.

Piccola Brentwood, Brentwood Highstreet, CM14 4AB, Essex, Essex Toy Shop

We’re really proud of our shops, one of which is one of the oldest of its type in Britain. So we thought we’d create this page to let you have a look for yourself.

We think knowing who you are buying from is important. So here we are, bricks and mortar, with all the products we are selling on this website also selling on our retail shelves.

If you’re ever in Brentwood or Epping, why not come in and say hello – we’d be delighted to show you around!

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Piccola Epping, toy shop Epping, 1966, essex toy shopHow does this help us?

The toys we sell on our website are also on sale in our shops, so we’re able to see children interacting with them every day. It gives us a great feel for which products work.

And whether they’re trying them on in our shops or wearing them around town, we get to see children dressed in the clothes we sell all the time, so we know which brands always look great.

It means we can buy from experience, not from a catalogue, and that allows us to make the very best decisions when it comes to the products we offer to you.

 Piccola Brentwood