Scento Sphere
Science Perfume Fresh Flowers

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For little fashionistas who want to make their own perfume, this brilliant set from the French brand SentoSphere is the perfect gift.

The package contains a total of eight different essential oils, from which you can make perfume or eau de toilette with a fresh, fruity or floral scent.

Just choose your mix of smells, dilute the fragrance base with water and then add your creation to the coloured spray bottles for a beautiful signature fragrance!

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Why we love it!

We love this beautiful set, which is full of French quality and style - it could even be the way Coco Chanel got started!

The spray bottles are a lovely touch - just make your fragrance and then carry it with you to spray whenever needed.

The set contains non-toxic, dermatologically tested and therefore completely safe ingredients for children's skin.

Boring Stuff

The SentoSphere creative set for the production of perfumes is a real cosmetic laboratory, which is suitable for girls from 8 years of age.

Set contains: 8 basic scents (lily of the valley, lavender, green base, lemon, orange, musk, fruit base and orange blossom), 3 flasks, 3 sprays for made perfume, fragrant drinkers, 8 droppers, 1 perfume guide

Designed in France