Fairy Elle.
Sleep Well with Fairy Elle

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We adore this beautiful doll, designed to help children cope with their worries and discuss them with their parents and loved ones.

Just tell the beautiful and reversible Fairy Elle doll your worry and she'll turn it into a star for you every night.

Write your worry on the pad that's included, spray the magic potion and sign the promise to let Fairy Elle know your child is happy for her to help.

Once Fairy Elle has signed the promise too, your little one knows she'll be there to comfort them at night.

It's a wonderful way to make your child feel happier and more secure at bedtime.

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Why we love it!

It's a really lovely product, made with loads of style, created by Irish mother Therese Wright to help with her own children's worries.

Because children can write down their worries on the notepad included with the set, it's a great way for parents to understand the things that are troubling their children.

Every product helps support Irish Charity, To Children with Love, so it's a gift that helps others.

Each set comes with a book telling the story of Fairy Elle, so she's a character that you can really bring to life for your little ones.

Boring Stuff

Recommended ages: 3 years and over

Fairy Elle doll - 25cm tall

Notepad - A5

Fairy Elle takes worries and turns them into stars at night.

She is a reassuring wellness doll who helps children especially at bedtime.

She is a reversible doll who sleeps by day and wakes at night.

She comes with a spray bottle, a notepad to tell Fairy Elle any worries and a beautifully illustrated book.