Spacebot 3000

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If you want a guaranteed smile from someone special then the Spacebot 300 does it every time.

A remote control robot that dances and fires discs, it's any young mischief maker's dream!

Controlled with am intuitive infrared remote control, the robot can walk back and forwards, turn left and right, and rotate his head to take aim with the head mounted disc launcher.

Spacebot 3000 also lights up when in operation and makes a series of robot noises - he'll even dance on command, accompanied by his own robot backing music!

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Why we love it!

It's a great toy - there are loads of different functions, so the play value is endless.

The disc firing application is awesome, but the discs are soft and so totally safe.

It's made with size and stature in a clear front presentation box, so it makes a great gift.

Boring Stuff

Age Recommendation: 5 years and over

Display Box Size: W22 x H32 x D16cm

Requires 6 x AA batteries

Will not try to take over the world the moment your back is turned.