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Stories of the Three Coins

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The trouble with games is that someone has to lose, but with Peaceable Kingdom's brilliant co-operative games, everyone is a winner, because you all play as a team!

By playing as a group against a common obstacle rather than against each other, cooperative games emphasize play, not competition.

In this wonderful game a traveller in the land of Storia is in search of a happy ending – and you get to imagine how they get there!

The players choose a card to be the Traveller, and the first player begins the story.

As each player imagines their part of the story, they roll the booster dice to add exciting elements that they must work into the tale.

Have fun, use your imagination and work together to reach a happy ending before the inkwell runs out of ink.

It’s a cooperative game that fans of fantasy, creative or role-playing games are going to love!.

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Why we love it!

Stories of Three Coins is a co-operative game - you don't play against each other, everyone tries to achieve a common aim and everyone wins or loses together. This helps build an understanding of team work, creates self-esteem and shows that playing together can be fun.

Because the interactive element requires storytelling the playing experience is never the same - you can play again and again and it's a different story every time!

it's a game that involves lots of imagination and creativity, so it's great for learning cooperation and story structure in a fun and exciting way.

Boring Stuff

Recommended ages: 6 years and over

Includes 1 game board, 72 story cards, 1 inkwell tracker, 5 story booster dice, 3 magic coins, 1 traveler card stand and instructions
Age Recommendation: Ages 6 and up

Designed in the USA