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Super Hero Playbook

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Do you want to be a great leader like Black Panther, or perhaps a great warrior striving for peace like Wonder Woman?

Well now here's a way to teach your little ones some of the life skills embodied by the super heroes they love, with this amazing book by Workman.

Each illustated life lesson is taught by a familar character, who shows young readers how to apply super hero qualities to their own lives.

So whether you want to be a role model like Superman, control your emotions like Hulk, or stand up to bullies like Captain America, this unique and really educational book is the perfect way to give your own superhero some life skill superpowers.

Why we love it!

It's a really great book - little crime fighters will love reading about their favourite charcters while also learning about situations in their own lives.

Each of the 20 lessons is taught by a familiar character and showcased in lively full-colour illustration.

It's one of those books that's genuinely unique - it makes for a great gift.

Boring Stuff

Recommended ages: 6 - 9

Number of pages 136

Made in the USA