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The Enchanted Castle

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Here’s the story of Sleeping Beauty, delightfully retold with cats, dogs, and other animals instead of people.

Colourful, chunky, irresistible. Peter Lippman's bestselling Mini-House series is a hit with kids and adults alike.

You pick one up. You hold it. You turn it around. You peer inside the windows, and then you pop the latch, opening the door to the story-and to a child's imagination.

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Why we love it!

Like all of Peter Lippman's bestselling Mini-House series, it's a charming book with loads of play value.

The book is really fun to read - you can see each level of the castle and even peer inside the windows before opening it up!

It's a really unusual and engaging product, so it will make for a lovely little gift.

Boring Stuff

By Peter Lippman

Recommended for children 1 - 4 years

Number of pages - 20