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Come face to face with our vanishing wildlife!

Using unique Photicular technology, Wild brings to vivid life the animals who are under threat of extinction. Each full-color image is like a 3-D movie on the page, delivering a rich, fluid, immersive visual experience. The result is breathtaking... then, for each animal there is a lively, informative essay and an at-a-glance list of important facts.

Smart, unique and an enchanting opportunity to experience the thrill of seeing the animals in motion, it's a book unlike any other.

Making everything wonderfully real for children and adults alike, it turns abstract numbers and names into touching and unforgettable images.

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Why we love it!

It's a unique and enormously engaging book - young animal lovers are going to adore it.

It's made with real quality and style - a really substantial product.

The wonderful photicular images make discovering exciting and fun.

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Authors: Dan Kainen, Kathy Wollard

Number of pages: 24